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I Travel with Food. Do you?

By on June 14, 2017

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I travel with food; do you? Sometimes the hardest thing about traveling around the world in an itinerate job can be maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping healthy eating habits. With the job that I have, I’m around a lot of other conference speakers with the same kind of lifestyle- constantly on the go, speaking at all hours with dinners scheduled at odd hours and even sometimes meetings scheduled over meals. It would be very easy to give in to the “speaker lifestyle” and eat at all hours, consuming any type of food, no matter how unhealthy and fatty it might be, all the time. I believe in balance (and in enjoying the culture), but I’ve watched people, night after night, eat pizza and wings and fried food at 11 o’clock at night. I’ve watched them then have the hardest time falling asleep afterwards because of the heaviness of the food they consumed right before bed. I was there one time too. Before I went vegan, I would often eat pizza (and not just one piece) or pasta late at night, many nights of the week. I may be small, but I can definitely eat. I’ve learned that it’s important to make healthy lifestyle choices and even bring my own food everywhere I go. If I’m hungry late at night, I try to eat something lower in calories and easier for digestion. Eating carbs and heavy food right before bed is definitely not the best thing for digestion. Well, now that I’m vegan and health-conscious, my options for nighttime eating are much more scarce, and a lot of the time when people want to grab a quick burger or fast-food meal on the way back to the hotel, I don’t have that option BUT I still may need something to eat if I’m hungry…
So I travel with food.

What do I travel with, you might ask.
Always organic, plain oats (flavored oats have too much added sugar; I’d rather add fruit and my own toppings- and if I’m hungry at night, I simply eat a packet plain), nuts, raw packets of almond butter, chia seeds, flax powder, cacao nibs, brown rice cakes, Lara Bars, and so much more. Being strictly vegan (and gluten-free, soy-free, and health-conscious at that- meaning I don’t like fried food, sugary foods, or super oily foods), it can be extremely difficult to find food around the globe. As kind as our host people are and as accommodating as they try to be to me, it’s just not always the easiest thing to find “my kinda food” everywhere we go. When I pack extra organic oatmeal packets and loads of raw food bars and nuts with me, I can rest assured knowing that if I’m hungry at some point in my travels, I have my own supply.

Even on airplanes I take food with me. Although it means getting up earlier the morning of a flight or staying up later the night before, I always food prep when I leave home. Yesterday I flew from LA to Buenos Aires and I had prepped quinoa, cherry tomatoes and avocado in a Tupperware container, tossed in organic Tuscan herb-infused olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Not only did it keep me physically satisfied and nourished for my flight, it tasted amazing!

Although I don’t expect all of you reading this to be vegan or as picky as me, I do hope that you care about your all-around health enough to go the extra mile and prepare for travel wisely. You might have dietary restrictions or maybe you’re gluten-free; I encourage you to find out what is accessible food-wise with where you’re going and then bring items that won’t be easily accessed there. When you bring your own food, you know what you’re consuming; a lot of the time with international (or domestic) travel, you may not have access to that organic supply or the gluten free options you may desire or need. Do your research and travel prepared!
Maybe you already do travel prepared. What are some of your tips and items you never go without?

“Staying fit, having fun, and eating right around the globe!”

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