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“The Kind Life” with Alicia Silverstone

By on January 24, 2017

As I’m moving towards halfway through the vegan challenge, it’s helpful to look at inspiration and communities like “The Kind Life” with Alicia Silverstone. Alicia has a blog that discusses vegan and vegetarian food, environmentally-sensitive fashion items, and environmental issues.

It’s interesting that Alicia starts her book by using the word “diet.” I rarely use this word because of the misconceptions that this word has today. It’s true definition does not have a negative meaning at all, it’s quite positive actually.

Technically you could say that I am on a vegan diet for this month, because it is more of a vegan “journey.” Yes it has it’s challenges with traveling, but it’s not impossible with planning and preparation.

I like this excerpt from her book, The Kind Diet:

diet: (noun) a way of living, or thinking, a day’s journey 

This was the definition of diet when it entered the English language in the mid-1600s. So simple! So sane! How did this cute little word become synonymous with deprivation, suffering, and—let’s be honest—total hell?

With the Kind Diet, we are returning the word to its original definitions, for this journey is about changing how you think and live, one day at a time. And by allowing your mind and your choices to change, you will see amazing—even magical—results. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen, I promise, because it happened to me: By eating satisfying, delicious, plant-based foods, I was released from the prison of dieting.

Oh, the freedom of that! How amazing it is never to have to start another diet! To be able to think about my life, and the world, instead of spazzing out about calories and constantly asking myself, “Can I eat that?” It’s like I got my brain back! These days, I get to eat as much as I want of foods that I love, and I never have to fear them. I feel truly and deeply nourished by food. I’m so grateful for that. 

-Alicia Silverstone

In this video, Alicia Silverstone talks about The Kind Diet, going vegan, recipes and vegan staples.




This looks like a great book for mothers and for women who are thinking about becoming a mommy one day. Not only does this book cover pregnancy, but it also includes over 30 food recipes, recipes for massage oils, belly balms, and other homeopathic tips for mamas-to-be and for healing post-delivery.

Have you read any of Alicia Silverstone’s books or viewed any of her interviews on this topic?

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