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Doing something for me.

By on June 15, 2017

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Being that Spring is upon us, I wanted to put a goal out there into the universe. Tomorrow I vow to begin a new work out and healthy eating regimen. There will be daily fitness exercises and a meal plan. I was invited to do this with a fellow blogger and friend of mine and something just clicked. I do everything for my son, husband and home and I think I deserve this time for myself to go all out for my health, fitness and for the body I want. Now after having a baby and breastfeeding I am actually at my high school weight, but everything seems to wobble a bit, and not in a good way. My goal is to be toned and strong for the lasting months of summer and I am excited to set the time apart for myself to make these things happen. There is no reason that I cannot have the body I want now. For me, it’s not about being ‘skinny’. Skinny doesn’t mean strong. I want to look toned and build stamina. I am even more excited to have my son witness this time for mama. I think it is important that we display a healthy lifestyle to our kids and start them young. I want him to have healthy habits and right now he is looking up to me and watching the choices I make. Don’t wait to do something for you. We mothers keep ourselves last on our list, let that not be the case, even on occasion. Set a goal and attain it, besides with everything you do, you deserve it!

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