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Anxiety In Dogs Causes: Are You Making Your Pup Anxious?

By on May 18, 2017

Pet Anxiety.  Blame the neighbor’s loud music or your roommate running the blender all you want, but you could be the real cause of your poor pup’s anxiety. And since you probably brought your dog home to alleviate some of your own anxiety then that just doesn’t seem fair now does it? Here are some ways you’re making your dog anxious.

Having arguments around him

You know how your dog is staring at you all of the time? That’s because his only way to read the world is through your actions. He learns the way you stand, breathe, walk—you name it—when you are sad/happy/anxious/devastated/turned on. So yeah, your dog knows when you’re anxious. Even if he doesn’t totally understand your words, if you argue with someone around your dog, he pays for it emotionally too. Just as you would for a kid, take your arguments in another room, and calm down before being around your pup again.

Vacuuming near him

Your dog probably barks at the vacuum when you start it up, and you probably say, “That’s so cute! He thinks it’s alive!” But he doesn’t think it’s alive: your dog has learned through evolution to associate vibrations with danger, like earthquakes or larger animals shaking the ground as they get closer. Put your pup in another room, far away from the vibrations of the vacuum, when you clean up.

Rushing a walk

If you don’t have much time to talk your dog, go for quality instead of quantity. In other words, let your dog take his sweet time sniffing things, even if it means you don’t get to walk very far. Your dog doesn’t use walks the same way you do (to work off the cocktails you had last night.) This is his time to explore. And your dog has probably learned to associate leash yanking with punishment, so just because you’re only yanking his leash to hurry him, he thinks he’s done something wrong.

Your parents went out of their way to protect you from anxiety-inducing situations, and you see yourself as your pup’s parent, right? So go out of your way to make sure your doggy doesn’t need doggy Xanax.

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