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Creating Your Own Summer To-Do List

By on July 14, 2017

The summer months can be pretty exciting. With good friends and gorgeous weather by your side? Life seems downright blissful. Are you feeling the same way? Then I have a challenge for you. This summer, my friend and I have decided to work our way through a summer to do list. Remember the ones you had when you were young? Like that only better. Initially she found on online…only we edited it to speak to our friendship and individual summer goals. Now that we are mid-way through July (how did that happen?) it is time to seriously tackle that list. Want to create your own? Then get started!

Have a Brainstorming Session. Begin by coming up with a few possibilities. You can do this with a friend or on your own. Totally your call. The key here is to write down any and all summer related ideas. At this point, they don’t have to be the best or most attainable summer goals. Just get those creative juices flowing. The more ideas you can come up with now the easier it will be to narrow down the list later.

Make Sure Your Goals Are Realistic. Now to take those ideas and turn them into your final summer to-do list. Go through all of the things you wrote down. Which ones are the most important? Stand out to you? Seem possible to actually achieve? Aim to have a mix of simple tasks (run through a sprinkler or read a book in the sun) and more challenging tasks (like planning a camping trip with an old friend). The combination will make your to-do list fun and exciting. And give you a sense of accomplishment when you cross things off!

Don’t Stress About Getting Every Single Thing Done. To-do lists are great. Unfortunately, they can create a sense of panic once the end of the summer starts to approach. Don’t worrying about checking off all of the boxes. Just have fun with the process of trying. Anyway, anything you don’t finish will give you something to aspire to next summer. Add it to your wish list and eventually you will get it done.

Add and Remove Items As You See Fit. Your list is printed off and ready to go. But guess what? That doesn’t mean it is set in stone. You can always change your summer goals, add new things, and play around with your list. Let the season inspire you! That will add to your overall experience – and the out of the box things you achieve.

Make the most of summer. Come up with some creative ways to get out of your comfort zone, do something different, and have fun. A to-do list is a fantastic way to amp up your excitement and make those picture perfect memories a reality.

What is on your summer to-do list?

 Photograph Courtesy of The Huffington Post. 

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