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4 Haunted Places To Explore This October

By on October 5, 2017
Haunted Places To Travel

These haunted places will inspire your next vacation!

Boo! The fall season is upon us, which means Halloween is fast approaching. Horror fanatics typically spend the month of October binge-watching scary movies…but what if you could take the holiday one step further? You read that right. Instead of watching movies and chowing down on candy corn, infuse your next vacation with some scares. Here are some super spooky – and haunted – places to explore this month.

The Haunted Forest in Aokigahara, Japan. If you are looking for a seriously creepy place to visit then consider a trip to Japan. At the base of Mount Fugi is Aokigahara, home to the “suicide forest.” Legend has it that in ancient Japan poor families would try to live in the dense woods. Eventually they were thought to die of starvation. It is believed that the ghosts of those families haunt the forest to this day. The forest itself is hauntingly beautiful. So it might be worth a brief trek with your camera. Just watch out for ghosts!

The Tower Of London in London, England. There is no doubt about it. London is a beautiful city rich with history. There is stunning architecture to enjoy – and even a ghost story or two! If the Jack The Ripper Walk is too out there for you, visit the Tower of London instead. It has been dubbed one of “the most haunted places in the UK.” And for good reason! It has seen the torture and execution of countless women and men. Rumour has it the ghost of Anne Boleyn still walks the corridors.

The Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Campina, Romania. What list would be complete without a haunted castle? The Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Romania is regarded as one of the scariest places to visit. Why? The castle was built after the death of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu’s nineteen-year-old daughter. The man spent his life trying to connect to her spirit on the other side. These days? It is believed that his daughter Iulia haunts the castle walls. People say she plays the piano at night and walks through the courtyard. Talk about a spooky story.

The Island Of The Dolls in Xochimilco near Mexico City. Heading to an exotic island sounds like the perfect getaway. Unless that island happens to be the Island of the Dolls. In the 1920s it was believed that a young girl drowned in the water. Since then her spirit has remained there. Visitors have even claimed to see her. One went so far as to buy her dolls and leaving them on the island for her. Today, visitors have said the doll eyes were moving and staring at them. Some even claim to hear whispered voices. True? False? Who knows. One thing is certain: this island is full of mystery.


October is a pretty terrifying month. People get dressed up in all sorts of gory costumes and our television sets are loaded with ghosts and zombies. Want to experience a new kind of travel? Visit one of these haunted spots.


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Photograph Courtesy of Tofugu. 

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