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4 Reasons To Switch To Organic Beauty Products

By on June 24, 2017
Reasons to choose organic beauty products.

There are so many reasons to use organic beauty products!

It is no secret. The beauty industry makes billions upon billions of dollars each and every year. Women all over the country spend their hard earned cash on skin care items, hair care products, and makeup. Most of the time? Those beauty products are full of harsh chemicals. Thankfully, things are staring to change. There has been a conscious shift over the last several years. The result? Environmentally friendly companies are popping up. Fewer brands are testing on animals. Organic beauty products are stocked in big name stores and behind well-known beauty counters.

Are you still buying the same old stuff? It might be time to consider a change. Keep reading! Here are 4 reasons to switch to organic beauty products. They are bound to inspire your next purchase.

1) They Are Not Tested On Animals

It’s true. The number of beauty companies that do not test on animals is on the rise. However that does not mean the large majority of products on the market are cruelty free. Far from it. A high number of drugstore and high-end brands continue to test their skincare, makeup, and hair care products on animals. Need a reason to switch to organic beauty? Organic beauty products are always cruelty free. They never test on animals. That means you can always feel good about your purchase.

2) Organic Beauty Products Are Better For Sensitive Skin

Do you break out when you try a new cleanser? Does your skin feel irritated or itchy when you wear certain foundations? It sounds like sensitive skin. This is an issue than many of us deal with….and it can make shopping for beauty products ten times harder. It doesn’t have to! Simply choose organic. The ingredient list tends to be smaller and made up of natural components. That means none of the chemicals, fillers, or dyes that can cause redness, dryness, and irritation.

3) They Can Benefit Your Overall Health 

More studies are being done on cosmetics and chemicals. Namely what chemicals are in popular cosmetics. It turns out that some can negatively affect your health. From aluminium in deodorant (a link has been found between aluminium in the body and Alzheimer’s disease) to artificial dyes (they can lead to headaches and watery eyes) there are some things you simply do not want in your beauty products. So be sure to check the label before you buy anything. Or stick with an organic option. Natural ingredients will prevent those serious health risks.

4) There Is a Wide Selection Of Products

It used to be difficult to find organic beauty products. These days? Not so much. There are many companies in stores and online that focus entirely on natural ingredients. You simply have to do a bit of research. Here is a quick cheat sheet: Urban Decay, Eco Bella, Tarte, and The Honest Company all offer organic beauty products. There is a wide selection of products to choose from in all different price ranges. That means embracing an organic beauty routine is simple and affordable.


Organic looks good on you! If you want to make the shift from regular to organic products simply consider the reasons why. Start small or do a total overhaul of your daily beauty routine. Every step counts.

Do you buy organic beauty products? List your favorites in the comment section below!


Photograph Courtesy of White Oaks Resort.

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