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Could Soup Replace Juicing?

By on April 29, 2017
soup replace juicing

Will soup replace juicing? It’s time to find out!

You’ve heard of juicing. In fact, it is possible you have tried it before. This popular diet has continued to grow over the years. It went from something only the ultra health conscious did to being in the mainstream. At home juicing machines line the shelves – and juice bars continue to pop up in both big cities and small towns. Well, it might be time to put your juicer away. Soup cleanses (also known as “souping”) are all the rage right now. They are being used to lose weight, detox, and cleanse. Some are even calling it the biggest diet trend of 2017.

Why soup? There are many reasons. Not only is soup nice and warm (making it ideal for the chilly winter months) but it is far more satisfying than a glass of juice. This is true in terms of both taste and fullness. Soup is better able to retain fibre than juiced produce. That in itself makes you feel full faster. And longer! The fibre in soup can boost your immune system and remove toxins from the body. That makes souping a much healthier way to cleanse and detox than juicing.

There are many additional benefits to a soup cleanse. For instance, there is far less waste when you make soup than when you juice. (An awful lot of produce is wasted during the juicing process. Namely, the pulp, which holds most of the nutrients.) It can also save you money. There is less waste and you do not need a special machine to make your own soup. Bonus! While it is true that juicing allows you to up your fruits and veggies, souping can do the same thing. You can load up on heart healthy vegetables along with beans, avocado, and other nutrient rich items. That means plenty of energy to get through your day. And you will never feel deprived.

Think soup will get boring? Think again. There is a shocking amount of variety when it comes to soup. Sure there are different recipes and flavors to play with. There are also purees, cold soups, warm soups, hearty soups, and even breakfast soups. The latter has been dubbed “smoothie bowls.” They are typically comprised of milk, fresh fruit, and honey, all blended together. It is then served in a bowl. Why is this important? Souping is so much more than eating a bowl of soup. The simple act of sitting and enjoying your meal ensures that you are aware of what you are eating. It forces you to eat mindfully.

Juicing has risen in popularity…. but a new cleanse is taking over. Soup or “souping” is garnering some serious buzz. Thanks to added health benefits and tons of variety, this diet cannot be ignored. So, soup away!


Photograph Courtesy of Babble.

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