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Food and Flying

By on August 3, 2015


Remember the good old days? When you would get on an airplane, eat the meal, and spend the rest of the flight complaining about the food? Ahh, memories. Things have certainly changed since then. It used to be a part of the experience. These days, you are lucky if the airline gives you a complimentary packet of pretzels. It is sad but true. Over the last several years, all of the major airlines have undergone policy changes. Checked luggage fees, extra bag fees, overweight bag fees, and no food. Unless you are willing to shell out some serious cash, that is. It is time to take a closer look at food and flying.

Always Look Into the Airline Policy. There are hundreds of airlines out there. Each and every one has a different policy about everything from in flight entertainment to food and beverages. Which is why it is so important to look into your airline – either before you book or after you have your tickets in hand. Take a peek at their website to see what food is offered (if any), if you need to pre-book or pre-pay for food, and how long your flight needs to be in order to qualify for in-flight service. Knowing what you are in for before you get on the plane can save you from disappointment – and a grumbling stomach!

Find Out If There Are Healthy Options Available. Without a doubt, things have changed when it comes to flying. Not all of those changes are bad! Rather than re-heated spaghetti or dried up chicken, more airlines are offering healthy meals to their passengers. From snacks to full meals, your next getaway might include a balanced diet. The travel site, Routehappy, is set to include “fresh food” on their search list. That means with one click you can find out whether or not your airline provides fresh fruits and vegetables. Isn’t technology great?

Be Prepared Before You Board. Is your airline charging an arm and a leg for a turkey sandwich? Don’t bother. Depending on where you are flying, you might be able to bring dry foods onto the plane. Think things like granola bars, dried fruit, or trail mix. Easy to take with you – and tasty, too. Once you pass through the security checkpoints you can always pop into one of the shops. Pick up a piece of fruit, a mini yogurt, and a bottle of water. Having food and water with you is always a good idea. That way you won’t spend the entire flight feeling uncomfortable. Whether they offer food or not.


There are no guarantees these days. Food is not always available on a flight. And if it is, it might need to be ordered when you book your airline tickets. Or you may need to use a credit card for an en route purchase. Make things simple! Incorporate these handy tips and tricks into your life. Your stomach will thank you.

Photograph Courtesy of Business Insider.

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