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Indulge In These Gluten Free Drinks

By on August 19, 2016



Removing gluten from your food? Check. Removing gluten from your beverages? Not so easy. This is something most of us fail to consider. However, certain drinks actually do contain gluten. Anything from sodas to teas to instant hot chocolate can contain trace amounts. If you are living with Celiac Disease, a gluten allergy, or a gluten sensitivity, this can wind up being a costly mistake. It isn’t just those every day beverages that can contain gluten. Certain alcoholic drinks might contain wheat, rye, or barely. It all depends on how those drinks are made.

How can you avoid ingesting gluten? Do your research beforehand. Most wines are gluten free as are any distilled alcohols. However, beers, ales, and stouts are off-limits. Don’t worry! You can still enjoy a drink or two on the patio this summer. Simply make these recipes at home – or ask your favourite bartender. Here are a few gluten free drinks you can indulge in all season long.

A Tasty Pineapple Mojito. The best way to avoid gluten in your drinks is to keep the ingredients simple. Avoid pre-packaged mixes and stick to fresh ingredients wherever possible. One great place to start is with the Pineapple Mojito. All you need is an ounce of rum, an ounce of pineapple juice, and some soda water. Add in a freshly cut lime for a bit more flavor.

Simple but Sweet Rum and Coke. If you are going out rather than staying in, keep it simple when you order. Stick to rum based drinks. This type of alcohol that is on the a-okay list. Try a rum and coke. Just be careful to avoid flavored rums (there are tons on the market these days). Those extra additives may or may not contain gluten.

The Gluten Free Maui Sunrise. There has been some debate on whether or not vodka is gluten free. Some argue that the distillery process removes gluten from wheat-based vodkas. Others are not so sure. Your best bet is to buy gluten free vodka for your next cocktail party. (Prairie and Smirnoff are both GF.) Create your own Maui Sunrise by mixing gluten free vodka, orange juice, sprite, and a dash of grenadine together. Mix well and enjoy…. without fear!


Living gluten free doesn’t mean you have to feel deprived. It is all about finding what works for you. It’s true. There will be certain alcoholic beverages to avoid – and others that are okay. The same goes with mix and other beverages. Look online, ask before you purchase, and be cautious when ordering at the bar.


Photograph Courtesy of Beard and Bonnet.

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