Organic Food for Your Skin That Gets You Glowing! | Skinny Decaf Latte

Organic Food for Your Skin That Gets You Glowing!

By on June 27, 2017


Ororganic face maskganic food does a body wonders, whether it’s on the inside or the outside!

Did you know that feeding your skin with organic masks make a difference too? Anything you put on your skin can either be food or chemicals. Personally, I would rather put organic ingredients on my skin. 

While searching for organic skin care products, look for items that contain the highest amounts of natural ingredients (ingredients are listed in order of what was used the most to make the product, down to what was used the least). So the ingredients on the top of the list are what you want to really pay attention to – especially the first 5 or so. Product manufacturers love to brag on what they aren’t putting in their stuff, so the label will often let you know what harsh chemicals they are free of (sulfate-free, etc). 

At the end of a busy day, I like to wrap up the evening with a relaxing spa treatment. With an early photo shoot tomorrow morning so I’m excited to use a Pineapple & Papaya Organic Gentle Enzyme Mask. This sounds so good I almost want to eat it! Before a photo shoot, I always prefer to use an enzyme peel rather than getting extractions. I don’t want any redness in the skin at all, so using something gentle like this is the way to go.

An enzyme peel is used to deeply cleanse and resurface the skin by treating the upper layers of the epidermis. This product is called a peel because it literally helps peel off dead skin cells. By removing dead skin cells, the face is left clearer with a even tone and texture. Once you remove the dead cells from the skin, these peels help promote the renewal of healthy skin cells. Masks can also provide intensive moisture, absorb excess oil, or deliver antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, or acne-fighting treatments to the skin. When you do a mask regularly you will notice an improvement of any fine lines, scars, age spots and even pigmentation. Speaking of pigmentation, please give your skin a break from the sun, or load up on sunscreen and a floppy hat if you know you will be in the sun after a mask. 

However, you don’t have to go fancy to make yourself glow! Check your fridge for ingredients that are super-delicious for you skin – things like full-fat blueberry Trader Joe’s yogurt with a bit of plain oatmeal mixed in and you’ll see your skin light up … and have a great snack while you wait the 10 minutes for it to sink in.

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