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Hey Mom Set Your Fitness Goals

By on June 8, 2017

FitnessWomenFitness. Now we have you eating properly and we’ve figured out how to make sure you we give yourself the nutrition and fuel you need to make it through the day.  Now, what about the rest of you, your body  and the systems that keep it going?  Good nutrition and fitness are a powerful combination in making us the superwomen we are and need to be each day.

There is no doubt about it. The fitness industry is booming.  In 2013 it brought in $25.9 billion in revenue and is still growing. Yet, obesity and heart disease continue to be an epidemic in our country. What gives?  It’s the magic bullet syndrome. Crash fitness, crash dieting, crash cleanses, all claiming to give you the body of your dreams in no time. Then there are the thousands of gym memberships that go unused every month. Gyms actually do research as to how much people are able to justify spending each month at the gym when they don’t actually go. If you’ve read my other posts, you know I totally get that as moms we have pretty much every minute of our day accounted for. So, who in the world has time for exercise? Seriously.

Here is where I’m going to shoot you straight. There is no magic bullet for fitness. There is no such thing as getting the body of your dreams in three weeks. Even if you were able to do that, it won’t stay that way if you just give up after that.  For your sake and the sake of your family, you need to make the time and prep your fitness plan now.  You need to make the time to move your body, get the oxygen pumping through your veins, and you need it to set your mind straight. That’s it. Sorry. I wish I could say that you can pop in that DVD and eat like a bird for three weeks and just become the perfectly fit person. You need regular exercise in your life and you need it consistently. Fad diets and fad exercise programs are not going to get you there. What will?  Finding what motivates you. The good news with the explosion in the fitness industry is that choices abound. Finding what it is that gets you to the gym, or to pop that DVD in, or to the studio or outside is half the fun.

With everything we do as moms, our lives can get stressful. We can suffer from anxiety and even depression when we’re overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of our day. One way to keep our minds in check and keep that feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed under control is through exercise. Studies have shown that exercise has a definite effect on our mood. For more information, take a look at this article from the American Psychological Association – The Exercise Effect.

As a fitness trainer/wellness coach, my clients fill out an extensive form (5 pages to be exact). This way I can find out what motivates them, and more importantly what completely turns them off. One of my questions is “What is the one thing you absolutely do not like to do when it comes to exercise?”  I will tell you this much, whatever it is I will never make that part of the routine. I’m not going to make my clients do something they hate. Here are a few tips to get you into the mood, and STAY in the mood to move that body.

  • Experiment: With the fitness explosion has come a myriad of choiceFitnessYogas. Hate or intimidated by the gym? Don’t go. There are enough options to keep you out of the gym. Have an aversion to the outdoors (and I know some of you do)?  No problem, you can still workout indoors AND not go to the gym.  There are many DVDs out there to experiment with.  Always, wanted to run a 5K?  There are apps that will help you get there.  The Couch Potato for 5K is very popular.  I love using Runtastic to keep track of my runs and it even lets me select a Power Song that I can instantly play if I feel my motivation falling. Does the idea of running literally have you running the other way? Does lifting weights just sound like the most boring thing you could ever do?  No problem. There are many studio classes out there that shape up your body without making you yell Arooo every 10 minutes.  Look into yoga, pilates and barre classes.
  • Get a buddy: It’s always better when you have someone to share your victories and your setbacks with. Also, you’re more likely to show up if someone else is waiting on you. Nobody wants to be that person. You know, the one the flakes and backs out. Nothing like a little guilt to keep you showing up.
  • Put it in the calendar: My workout time in non-negotiable. I set appointments around my workout schedule. It’s in my calendar and I do not double book that time. This goes back to our busy mommy schedules. Like I said earlier, it’s not an option. You absolutely need to make time for your workout. It’s just that important.
  • Hire a trainer: Oh yes. Of course I’m going to say that. Maybe you’ll pay for the gym membership and not show up. But, most people I know will not pay for a gym membership AND trainer and not show up. In my case, I’m a private personal trainer. I come to you. There’s no getting away when I show up at your front door. No excuses. Other than accountability, and honestly, even more importantly a personal trainer will ensure that you are using good form and being as effective and efficient as possible.
  • Give it 5 minutes: We all have days when we just don’t feel like working out. Just thinking about it is is exhausting. It happens to all of us. My challenge to you is to give yourself 5 minutes. If you’re going for a run or working out at home, more often than not you will find that after 5 minutes you can keep going.  If you can get yourself in the car to drive to the gym or the studio, you’re most of the way there.  Once you start class, or your workout at the gym, I bet you’ll take it through to the end. For the first 5 minutes, it’s literally mind of matter.
  • Start slow: The quickest way to burn out is to do too much too fast.  If you’re a beginner at something, don’t take the advanced class because you’re hardcore like that.  If you’ve never run before, start with walking.  If you do too much too soon, not only are you going to burn yourself out and absolutely hate your workout, you’re increasing your chances of injury and then setting yourself way back.  If the idea of setting aside time in your calendar several times a week for a scheduled workout just freaks you out, then start with one day a week.  Then build from there.  I’m a true believer that something is better than nothing and no one is expecting you to go from 0 – 100 overnight. It’s a process and you are allowed to grow into it.
  • Make it a family thing: My last and best tip to get yourself moving is to make it a family affair.  My family and I are very fortunate to live in Oregon where outdoor activities are abundant. From our house we are an hour from the mountains, an hour from the coast and less than that to hiking trails through the woods. Our kids are also very involved in sports. Much of our family time on the weekend is spent on the field practicing soccer and lacrosse. Or we take off to explore the great outdoors. Not only are you taking care of yourself by being active with your family, but you’re teaching your kids how being active is a lifestyle. It also brings you closer together.FitnessBuddy2

Whether you are new to exercise or you’ve been doing it for years, these tips will help you make and keep an active lifestyle.  They help you get started and they help keep you motivated.  When taking care of yourself, you need to look at taking care of yourself from the inside out.  We’re getting there.  The next part in this series I will address taking care of your mind and inner-self.

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